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Care package

Just wanted to post some pics of some play time.  Haven't even started on my Legacy family yet.  I can't figure out what I want their last name to be.  Which is the lamest thing to prevent any progress but I'm picky.  Any ideas?

Vid is abducted because I hate him and I wish pain misery upon his life.

By the is the ugly spawn he created with Circe.  I love Circe but goddammit why did Vids eyebrows have to come through?

Remodeled the Subject household.  This was originally that yellow house that's in Strangetown.  I wanted to give it that rundown grungey feel.  The inside is pretty

Marigold is still beautiful as usual OwO I really wish I could have used her for my Legacy.  But she is now happily married and triple bolted with Nervous.  They're also expecting their second child that was totally ACRed planned.