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2013-06-24 01:36 pm

*crawls out from under roxk*

It has been too long. I feel terrible for not updating (though I don't think anyone reads this) but life has been well... Lifey. I finally figured out my crashing problem for my game. I've resenty started going through my Download folder and deleting stuff I never use. I have over 23gigs of custom content. I'm sick in the stomach over that lol But my game is running better and I've recently installed completely empty templates. So excited to use them!
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2012-10-14 02:57 pm

Dead Drive

My DVD drive died on my PC. Which means no playing the game until I buy a new one. Should be fixed by next week but it figures.. I finally straighten out the conflict between some CC and then my drive dies..*sigh*

Have a few ideas for a neighborhood I want to start. Just trying to get all the pieces together for it. :D
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2012-04-28 12:22 am
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Care package

Just wanted to post some pics of some play time.  Haven't even started on my Legacy family yet.  I can't figure out what I want their last name to be.  Which is the lamest thing to prevent any progress but I'm picky.  Any ideas?
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2012-04-25 04:07 pm
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Ketel One.

It has been too long! Thinking of doing some shower curtain recolors. I don't have enough of those in my game and I want moar.

In other news I'm going to start a legacy! I've attempted them numerous times but something always went wrong be it game issues or computer issues.

Just saying, not dead.
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2012-03-28 10:14 pm

(no subject)

I have a new download available. Just three new recolors of the little frog statue that I'm pretty sure came with Bon Voyage. I think it's cute and it goes well in some of sims' houses who tend to collect things to say the least.


I posted a preview picture in an earlier post. If I recall correctly the colors I gave you are green pink and blue. Now for whatever reason the pink shows up as a purplelish color but I was too lazy to re-name it. I'll try to get a pink soon. I'd rather enjoy having a pink frog in my sims' house.
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2012-03-19 03:42 pm
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(no subject)

Just a little picture update on what I'm working on. I'm about to fire up my game now and play a little bit. Think I'll also start my Legacy family since I keep putting it off.

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2012-03-11 08:04 pm
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Quick Update

Just a quick update. I have some more sculpture recolors in the making. I'm doing a few statues that I personally like and I may do some furniture. Hopefully have one sculpture posted by tonight but I'm about to start my game up and play.

Going to start a legacy family so you will also be bombarded with pictures of them.
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2012-03-06 04:11 pm
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First Upload

Today I bring you my first upload. Recolors of the Sacred Star wall hang that came with Happy Holiday stuff. I love using this star in different houses but I hated how limited I was with the color selection. So I took it upon myself to fix that problem!

Click the small image to see a larger image. You get 8 recolors in total. Blue, light blue, light green, light pink, purple, light purple, orange and yellow. The star already comes with a yellow but I hated how dark it was.

I've tested these recolors in my game and they look nice. I'll probably add more colors later. I also have an ever growing list of maxis items that I want to tackle. Please let me know what you think of them!


Oh and I guess this also means I get to come up with a TOU.
-No paysites(includes TSR)
-No exchange
-No claiming as your own
Ask permission before sharing. Just throw me a line if you have a question.
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2012-03-05 05:34 pm
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My first recolor.

I just recolored my first object today! *gasp*  I know that sounds ridiculous to be excited about but this is coming from someone who's always been the downloader and never the uploader.

I will tell you it was much easier than I thought it would be..  I ended up making one simple recolor of the Sacred Star wall hang that came with the Happy Holiday Stuff pack(the one full of Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa etc items)  I will upload this after I make a few more recolors.  I'm just not satisfied with just the one color now that I know I can do this :D

I've pretty much made a list of maxis items that I wanted recolored but never had the balls to bug anyone online to do for me.  So I figured now is the time to just learn myself somethin' useful.

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2012-02-24 12:17 am

Nobody can tell me that I'm doing wrong.

Man things have been crazy right now but I've finally been able to find time to sim and of course download like a junkie. I have some pictures from a play session. I'm thinking this weekend I'm going to tackle some tutorials and also download some necessary programs so I can start recoloring objects and what-not.
You'll have to ignore the red pause frame. Unfortunately I can no longer use my favorite camera function: TAB or "camera man mode" It just doesn't cooperate with my new computer. I recently downloaded a hack that gets rid of the red frame but these pics are pre-hack.

I made a sim named Louise Marshall. This is the living room in her apartment. I love how it turned out.

Nice little shot of her bedroom. She strikes me as a sim who would use darker colors through out her apartment. Although her kitchen is still a rustic yellow. I probably wont change it..This image also gives you a taste of my decorating style. I like to clutter my sims' homes and most have very eclectic taste.

This is Marigold. She lives in Strangetown and is a potential girlfriend for Nervous Subject. I'm still introducing them and probably going to send them on a date soon.

One last picture. Also from Strangetown. This is Vid with his alien son Galac. I think he's going to be a little extraterrestrial stud when he gets older. He's adorable compared to Pascals alien spawn..

So that's all for now. Hopefully I can read through the tutorials this weekend and start recoloring some basic objects. I'm mostly going to focus on maxis items(I think) because I always run into items in-game that make me pull my hair out while yelling "This doesn't even match anything!"

See ya!
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2012-02-15 11:18 pm
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Sorry for the delay

I know it's been forever since I've actually written an entry but I promise to have houses available soon. I just started a new job so life has been pretty crazy. I'm dedicating tomorrow as a simming day and will try to get some houses built and maybe uploaded. Just bare with me okay!
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2011-11-17 05:09 pm

Long time no post.

Hello all!

Computer has been finished for quite some time I just haven't been able to find any time to post here. I'm hoping I'll be able to start making houses soon and starting posting them for download here. If anyone reads this please pass on my journal so I can get more foot traffic. I promise I will have stuff up soon. Unfortunately that thing called "Real Life" gets in the way of my simming!

Please keep reading and feel free to leave a comment!
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2011-09-14 03:29 pm

Quick Update!

Just a quick update for anyone who may be reading! I am almost done my computer. Just need to purchase my OS and I'm finished. Then I'm going to install my games, CC and start reading up again on creating. I really want to try re-coloring clothes. I can't seem to find any Washington Capitals shirts ANYWHERE. It's pretty frustrating because that's the one clothing article I'd like to have for my sims and no one has ever made them. At least I can't find them lol

Anyway please keep checking for updates. I will be uploading my Legacy family here as well as possible downloads :)
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2011-08-09 09:06 pm

Almost done!

Hey all!

I am almost finished building my new computer and once that's finished just have to install my games again and I will start posting regularly! I've started reading some tutorials for creating..they're a little confusing but of course I also learn better when I actually do something..not just skim through it.

So until then please keep reading! That is...if anyone is reading lol
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2011-08-04 06:26 pm

First Entry!

Hello to anyone who may be reading this!

You can call me Benzie or Bwinney depending on which forum you know me from!

I'm hoping to use this journal as a means to upload future creations. I'll most likely offer sims and houses and once I get through the tutorials I'll offer re-colors and I may even take requests! I'm hoping to also learn how to default things like skin tones and eyes.

I'm currently building a new computer which is why I can't upload anything right now. Once it's finished(hopefully by the end of the month) I will start updating more frequently.

Spread my journal around so I can get more hits in the future!

In the mean time here's some pictures of two houses I made a few years back so you can see an example of my building. Now I will mention I have since improved on my building and have been trying to implement the CFE cheat more often.

This one was a beach house I had created.